Discover Latex Clothes Like Never Before

Latex is a fairly new textile in the history of dress. Very elastic, it is a product from the rubber tree, the rubber tree. Once treated, the latex remains flexible and is delivered translucent on strips up to 1 mm thick. This allows designers and designers of clothing to be able to give it all the shapes and colors. And, if it is usual to wear black, expect to see all the colors in the coming years.

Because the flexibility and transparency of the textile thus manufactured allows all the colors. And besides, it is more common today to find latex dresses in red, or some combinations marrying bright colors. Thus, this textile operates its mount and slowly becomes a textile in its own right, “normal”, adaptable to many clothes. Initially reserved for a kind of fetishism, he enters the mores. That’s why alongside black, you will see more and more colors. From you will now get the best.

Note that latex is a matte texture. The shiny effect is therefore given by a particular treatment of the textile. And, to preserve this effect, it is essential to take good care of one’s clothes. Like leather, latex requires care and maintenance.

Latex care

Let’s talk about washing your outfits first. In the same way that you take care of your lace undergarments, or that you make the distinction between your white and the colored linen, pay particular attention to your latex. To begin, wash with cold water to prevent any extension or deformation of your garment. As for laundry, a simple Marseille soap is enough. In any case, nothing beats washing by hand. For drying, of course, avoid the dryer.

For the rest, it depends a little on the size of your latex outfit. If you bought a boxer or latex garters, you will not have any problem drying them. On the contrary, if you have fallen for a full suit, you may experience a lot of difficulties and even more so if this combination is closed at the ends. You will need to return the garment, or sprinkle a little talc. Talc has two advantages. The first is that it allows faster drying, by absorbing moisture present. The second is that it can facilitate the donning of the suit.

Put on and take off your latex outfits

The big weak point of the latex is the resistance it opposes when it meets the skin. Clearly, the latex does not slip on the skin as can satin. Depending on the chosen garment, putting on a latex outfit can take a long time. But have no fear for a string. It will be removed as simply and as quickly as you put it. Where things can be more complicated, it is again in the case of combinations.


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